ET Gate We are a trade solutions company specialized in sourcing products and conducting business in China.



Market Analysis

We work together with our clients to guarantee a completely understanding of their business, needs and functional requirements. Then we analyze the market, its strengths and its weaknesses, to better exploit Chinese efficiencies in production. Once we are familiar with the product and the sector, we can assure the best sourcing and consulting service.

Supplier Check & Due Diligence

We identify the suppliers that could best fit our client's needs. We check between 15 and 30 suppliers with the help of our extensive database of trustworthy companies. After analyzing their capacity, core business, price level and background, we preselect 5 suppliers. We make sure to verify these companies by checking their background, office, production site and asking for references to governmental institutions and chambers of commerce. At this point, we work together with our client to choose the final supplier.


We inquire samples from the factory, analyze and test them together with our client, in order to verify their quality and make sure the product is expected from both client and our company. The approval sample will be used for later reference, as well as quality control standard.


We negotiate with the suppliers to guarantee the best price and conditions for our client. We also offer contracting support and make sure all the terms of the contract offer reasonable for all parties. We take care of negotiation, revision and approval of the buying/selling contract in English and Chinese.

Transaction monitoring

Based on the quotation chosen by the clients we place and monitor a purchase order clearly establishing quantities, prices, target and lead times.

Quality Control

We provide quality control during and after the production of the product. Our inspectors are specialists in their respective industry and are located throughout China.


Once quality control has been finalized, our inspector will seal the container. We will also manage and review the documents needed by our clients for customs clearance before sending them by courier.

Relations Mangement

We make sure to stay in contact with the supplier, in order to build a long-term and sustainable business relationship which ultimately benefits our clients.