ET Gate We are a trade solutions company specialized in sourcing products and conducting business in China.


About Us

About ET Gate

Et-Gate was founded in December 2007 in Beijing, China, with a strong focus: helping companies from all over the world conduct business and source products from China. Since the firm was born as a trade solutions company, we have been successfully assisting some of the most renowned international companies to achieve their objectives in the Chinese market.

Over the years we have professionally working across different sectors, gaining experience of a large variety of industries and offering suitable solutions to our clients. Electronic devices, automobile pieces, textile products, solar consumer goods and chemical products have been some of the most sourced fields.

Et-Gate offers a full-package of service designed to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding clients. We work hard to ensure that all orders are delivered on time, on budget, and according to our customers' exact specifications. Reaching the best quality standards for our clients at the lowest price is our main concern.

Far from being an independent sourcing agent, Et-Gate is an office representative of our client's company in China. That is why we position ourselves as an extension of our client's business and that is why we earn their truth. Reliability is really important in the world of business and we win it by partnering with clients and looking at every case from their perspective.

For this transparent and innovative business model, Alicia Zhou, Et-Gate's manager director won the award for the entrepreneur of the year 2011 at the “Women in Business Awards”, presented by Ernest & Young.


  • Alicia Zhou
    Chinese. She has a degree in international economics and management, with years of experience in international business development. At present she is the general manager of ET-Gate, a global company specializing in consultancy services in China. Speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  

    Alicia Zhou

    General Manager
  • Marlon Jünemann
    German. He graduated with a BBA from Webster University in Vienna, and did an MBA in Project and Process Management at the Vienna University of Business and Economics. Speaks German, English, and Spanish.  

    Marlon Jünemann

    Managing Partner
  • Bin Liu
    Chinese. M.S, Liu Bin received his B.S. degree in Chemical Machinery from Shenyang Institute of Chemical Technology in 1999. He received his M.S. in 2002 in Electrical Engineering from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. He has worked for Olympus NDT for 3 years and has vast amounts of experience in Mechanical, Electrical and Automation technology. Speaks English and Mandarin.  

    Bin Liu

    Domestic Manager
  • Helen Zhang
    Chinese. She majored in business English, logic and writing and got her medium secretary certificate in 2008. Helen has worked as a merchandiser and assistant in a big factory in Shenzhen for a long time, accumulating a lot of relative experience. Speaks English and Mandarin.  

    Helen Zhang

    Sourcing and Marketing Specialist
  • Joanna Liu
    no details  

    Joanna Liu

    Sourcing and Marketing Specialist
  • Huashan Zhao
    Chinese. He majored in electrical engineering and automation technology and obtained his senior electrician certificate in 2008. He has accumulated valuable practical experience after working in a mechanical factory for several years. Speaks English and Mandarin.  

    Huashan Zhao

    Marketing and Technical Consultant
  • Catherine Liu
    Chinese. She majored in Business English, specializing in import and export business. She has accumulated lots of applied experience in international trade consulting, well communication skill between customers and factories. Speaks English and Mandarin.  

    Catherine Liu

    Sourcing and Marketing Specialist
  • Carles Roca
    Spanish. He graduated with a BBA from ESADE Business School in Barcelona. Speaks Catalan, Spanish, English and German.  

    Carles Roca

    Sourcing Specialist and Business Developer

Why ET-Gate?

Local Represent

We have an office in Beijing and physical presence throughout China's 5 main cities and sea ports.

International Team

We have an international team of people from different fields that fluently speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, German, Spanish and French.

Professional, Experience & Know-how

We have a team with factory background and experience on sourcing and dealing with the Chinese market. We have also been treating with western clients for many years and know their needs and requirements standard.


We have a database of reliable Chinese factories we have already worked with. We also have a network of Chinese chambers of commerce and institutions.

Transparency & Reliability

We prioritize transparency on everything we do. We openly share all the information we have from suppliers and Chinese market with our clients.

Lower Investment

Our business model is designed for our clients to save money and time. Our clients don't need to afford costs such as office rental, Chinese employee’s salaries, calls or transportation etc. Furthermore we have a cost efficient way of charging, based on a service fee and a low commission.